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Message from the President

Corporate Philosophy

Sensitivity, Vitality, Trust, and Creativity.

This is our spirit on developing human resources and manufacturing. In other words, increasing vitality by rich sensitivity and developing creativity by trusting each other.
Now that the social situation and the market needs are becoming more diversified and progressing continuously, what we need today is that we need to grasp the needs accurately and to develop our products which will satisfy our consumers by taking advantage of our technological knowledge which we have cultivated and exerting our personality and creativity to the full extent.
In addition to organizing people, information and technology at Kane Kogyo, we take full advantage of energy generated from mutual trust respecting spontaneity, investigative spirit and sensitivity. Our goal is to promote the environmental improvement to develop more useful products.

KANE KOGYO CO.,Ltd President Yusuke Ochiai

Company Overview

Established 15th May, 1954
  • Chairman
  • Kiyoshi Ochiai
  • Vice Chairman
  • Masaru Ochiai
  • President
  • Yusuke Ochiai
  • Director
  • Minoru Sakusabe
  • Director
  • Makoto Kato
Capital 92 million yen
Employees Japan 152
Transaction Banks NAGOYA BANK Kasugai Branch

Company History

5/1954 Established Kane Kogyo Co., Ltd. with capital of 1.25 million yen at 3-76 Kasatori-cho, Nishi-ku, Nagoya-shi . We started as as a manufacturing and sales company of faucet valve copper alloy casting based on manufacturing from casting, machining to assembling all in the same facility.
5/1959 KKK Brand Float Valve (PAT) completed.
6/1965 A technical tie-up with TOTO LTD.
3/1969 Started Komaki Plant operation.
10/1972 Established Taiheiyo Seiki Co., Ltd.
3/1976 Approved as JWWA inspected factory.
8/1977 Approved as JIS permitted factory.
4/1977 Opened Tokyo Branch.
12/1977 Established Union Griding Stone Co., Ltd.
3/1982 Opened Fukuoka Branch.
8/1984 Opened Osaka Branch.
4/1986 Established UPC Co., Ltd.
9/1988 Opened Sapporo Branch.
3/1989 Opened Sendai Branch.
8/1989 Opened Hiroshima Branch.
10/1990 A business tie-up with CMB Co., Ltd. U.S.A.
3/1993 Capital increased to 92 million yen.
8/1994 Merged Taiheiyo Seiki Co., Ltd.
9/1997 Established Qingdao UPC Co., Ltd.
2/2000 Approved ISO9002 .
2/2001 Established Qingdao KKK Co., Ltd.
10/2001 A business tie-up with CLA-VAL Co., Ltd.
4/2003 Approved ISO9001 .
12/2003 Approved ISO9001 (Qingdao KKK Co., Ltd.)
12/2005 Approved as JIS permitted factory (Qingdao KKK Co., Ltd.)
12/2007 Approved Family Friendly Company by Aichi Prefecture.
10/2008 Received MONOZUKURI Parts Grand Prize. Received Chairman's Prize from Life Civilization Organization.
2/2009 Selected as an Employment Creation Company among 1400 companies.
3/2009 Approved ISO14001.
8/2009 Established Taiwan Branch.
6/2010 Approved as a company of Law for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation.
3/2014 Approved as an Aichi Brand Company.
1/2017 Fiscal Year 2016
The 2nd Small and Medium Enterprise Overseas Deployment Support Project
~Feasibility Study~
5/2017 Merged Qingdao KKK Co., Ltd. and Qingdao UPC Co., Ltd.
1/2019 Fiscal Year 2018 The 2nd
Small and medium enterprise・SDGs Business Support Project ~Feasibility Study・Verification Survey・Business Development(SME Support Type) ~

Product Line-Up

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